Paula Elson – Groomingdales – Stouffville, ON Canada
I have been using your Ultra Wash shampoo, Ultra Plenish Conditioner and Ultra Vitalizing Mist on my Shelties for the past 5 years and LOVE it!  The dead hair washes out in the bath and what ever is left, just blows right off when we dry. In warmer weather, we coat the neighborhood in wonderfully minty smelling Sheltie fuzz. The birds love it as well! I love how easy it is to wash and rinse with your products.
With Best Shot Coat and Skin care solutions I know that I will never have a skin problem, I get a better finish with Best Shot than with any other product on the market.

Tracy Campanella – Woodford Veterinary Clinic – Versailles, KY
After twenty-five years in the pet industry, I have come to realize that there is no other product out on the market that produces the kind of results like Best Shot’s 3-Step system. Now you have gone and developed the UltraMAX line and I’m loving it as well!  You guys save me time, money, and effort!  My customers take notice too.


Mary Anne Squillace
I tried the One Shot Dry Clean Spray (waterless shampoo) today on my pony’s white (well should be) mane and it worked great!  So I will be ordering tons of that soon as we do not have a wash stall or hot water for showers.

Nancy M Thacher – Best Friends Dog & Cat Grooming – Stockertown, PA
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, your M.E.D. Shampoo…and so do my customers! There’s a whole lot less itching going on around here!! Recently I had a dog come in that had been living feral in the woods behind a customer’s house for about 5 years.  It looks like a collie-shepherd cross. Well, you can imagine the shape this poor dog’s coat was in!  I put him in the tub and said, “OK, Best Shot, do your stuff!!”  Needless to say “Jack” looked great and the owner was thrilled I didn’t have to shave him down. Keep making great products!

David Huber – Montvale Animal Hospital – NJ
What would normally take me an hour to brush now only takes me 5 minutes.  I have absolutely not had any coat breakage or coat damage.  Best Shot is a real lifesaver.

Cathy Powell – Legacy Sams
I just tried your products for the first time on one of my Sams who is blowing coat.   FABULOUS!! I’ll use your products exclusively from now on and recommend to my puppy buyers.

Anonymous Grooming Seminar Speaker
I tell every groomer I know about your products and those who have tried it agree that they work miracles.  If you don’t believe me, try some on a small Pomeranian, Shetland Sheepdog, or matted Cocker Spaniel.  Best Shot’s system and other products are by far the most effective tools that I have in my grooming arsenal.  My shop is located in a rural area, so I get a lot of monster truck barn dogs coming in.  I use this system on all these hairy beasts.  Even if I am shearing down a dog, I find that using this system helps to lift the coat away from the hide so that I can obtain a neater and easier clip once they are dry.  Not only is it easier on the dogs, it is easier on the groomer too.  Owners cannot believe how beautiful their animals are after I use Best Shot products on them.

Ellie Kittler, Lucky Horse Rescue
Thank YOU! The samples you gave us to use on the rescue horses are wonderful. The Rain Rot stuff rocks, good on those scratchies on the backs of their feet too! The white horse was glowing and very soft after his bath, thank you again for the help.

Sherry A. Robbins, Owner – Moon Doggies Grooming & Design
German Shepherd Dogs, Labrador Retrievers, and Huskies clients now schedule their dogs on a regular basis at my salon for their “bath and blow-out,” and they marvel at how this reduces the shedding in between visits.


Jackie Ceres, breeder/owner of Brittany Spaniel Jumpin Jack Flash, Westminster Award of Merit winner
We have been very pleased with your Best Shot Lemon-Aid shampoo.  It keeps Jack’s coat looking great without drying either his coat or his skin.  It rinses easily and has a wonderful clean scent — not perfumey.

Janet Chayes, Conway, MA
Good Earth Erin Waterfall (Splash) is a smart, fun, athletic Connemara who represents the breed well wherever she goes. She bathed with BEST SHOT shampoo before her (2010) appearance at Equine Affaire. Her silky, long hair garnered so many compliments from admirers that now we won’t use any other brand!

Roberta Domonkas, Love-N-Care Dog Grooming
OH MY GOSH!  Yesterday I used Ultra Wash Shampoo and Conditioner for the first time and couldn’t believe the results!  The Husky had such a thick undercoat with matting, I was thoroughly amazed when the undercoat pulled out in my hands and washed out in the tub! When using the force dryer even more undercoat was removed!  I couldn’t wait to tell you how happy this has made me and how happy the dogs are too.  Buddy’s skin is really pink and tender, so using a rake to remove the undercoat was out of the question, these products help the dogs because it doesn’t irritate their skin and it helps the groomer because it saves us time.
Thanks Best Shot!