Best Shot resulted from a long, genuine passion for animals and a commitment to make a notable difference in the pet grooming industry.  Backed by decades of industry experience in the human haircare industry, breeding show dogs, raising horses, and operating a kennel and grooming facility Best Shot emerged in 1988.

After realizing that nothing on the market for his horses matched the quality or performance of the natural protein-enriched products he was manufacturing for dogs, the owner developed the equine division in the 2000’s. Word of mouth has forced demand from discerning horsemen and horsewomen across the country ever since.

Our renowned 3-Step system produces remarkably healthy skin and coats for the top show dogs and horses in the country, without any buildup or oily residue. Professional pet groomers understand how Best Shot is a godsend for mats, tangles and shedding.   These consistent results spread like wildfire over the internet globally, and now Best Shot products are found in Europe, Asia, Australia as well as North America.

Today Best Shot Pet Products International is a leading manufacturer of natural grooming products for horses, dogs and cats.  We manufacture in Lexington, Kentucky, and remain committed to producing high quality animal skin care products that we are proud to use on ourselves as well as our own pets and animals.